Airflair Ltd. Out Philosophy
With over 25 years of avionics development experience, we pride ourselves on listening carefully to your needs, helping you to define them in detail and then responding quickly and efficiently with an effective and economical solution.

We're Moving!
August 2014
Newer, bigger premises coming soon!
January 2014
36 month Warranty on all USB Connected Databus Test Modules - buy yours today!
FREE Worldwide Shipping
January 2010
All of our products now come with free worldwide shipping. Call us today to take advantage of this offer.More...
ZEUS 3.16
July 2014
A new update for ZEUS has been released to support our serial interface hardware.
ZEUS 4.0 Beta
June 2014
Contact us if you would like to Beta test our new 'touch friendly' version of ZEUS. Compatible with 3.x versions of ZEUS.